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    Farthest Frontier
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    The Stockyard is the first major storage structure available in Farthest Frontier. Specializing in raw materials, it provides a central collection point for harvested Logs and Stone, along with other extracted materials like Clay, Sand, Coal and various ores.

    A few refined materials can also be stored here, including Firewood, Bricks, Planks, and even usable items like Barrels, though the Stockyard will not use the barrels for Spoilage reduction.

    Upgrade Information

    Upgrading to a Large Stockyard provides:

    • Greater storage capacity
    • Increased building durability against attacks and environmental damage.

    Basic Strategy

    Stockyards of either tier do not impact local desirability and are a frequent stop for builders and craftspeople on their way to collect materials for building projects or conversion. In early game, The Player may find it beneficial to place Stockyards close to their core settlement to reduce travel times.

    However, as the player develops heavier industries and has conversion buildings like Foundries, Brickyards and Glassmakers, it may be beneficial to create additional stockyards closer to these negative-desirability industries to better suit their resource needs.

    Given the heavy nature/low value of materials stored in the stockyards, these buildings are lower-priority for bandit attacks and will often be ignored in favor of higher-value targets like Storehouses and Vaults.

    Gameplay Updates

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