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    Farthest Frontier

    The Fishing Shack is an early-game food producing building, reliant on bodies of water for production. While Fishing Shacks can be built anywhere, the work area is initially centered on the building and will need to be moved to encompass part of a body of water for the assigned workers to produce anything.

    Production rate is determined by three factors:

    1. Count of 'Shore Nodes' within the work area, indicated by blue pips along the shoreline when the work area is being moved.
    2. Whether one or more Shoals of Fish nodes are within the work area (acts as a multiplier to fisher effectiveness)
    3. Current fish population in the body of water

    While bodies of water can be over-fished, even a fully depleted lake will replenish over time, though the Fishing Shacks will have limited production in the meantime.

    Basic Strategy

    This building is not viable if there are no bodies of water present on a map that are reasonably close to town as travel times will be too lengthy to produce food consistently.

    Fishing shacks do not need to be built directly on the water as their work areas can be moved, instead prioritize building them in clusters near a smokehouse dedicated to fish. This both results in consistent production rates and limited travel time for conversion of fish into smoked fish, greatly improving the longevity of the foodstuff.

    Bodies of water can usually support multiple fishing shacks, but it is important when placing more than three on the same body that the Player occasionally monitor for overfishing.

    Gameplay Updates

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