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    Farthest Frontier

    Wells are an early-game building that serves as a primary source of water for Villagers and production of goods in several buildings.

    In addition to providing a ready source of water to aid villagers in staving off Dehydration and supply the production of goods like Bread and Beer, Wells also:

    • Serve as a source of water for extinguishing building fires
    • Provide a boost to local Desirability

    Wells in frequent use can deplete a local water table, so it is important to check local water levels (hotkey: I) when determining placement. Overlapping wells will have reduced production and a stronger negative impact on the water table.

    Soil water levels will recover gradually over time, though this process can be expedited by placing Decorative Trees around a well.

    Upgrade Information

    Upgrading to an Improved Well confers the following benefits:

    • Increased water production rate
    • Increased water storage capacity
    • Increased health, improving resilience against attack and environmental damage
    • Increased boost to local Desirability

    Basic Strategy

    Wells should be placed at several points throughout a residential district to ensure ready access to water, as lack of water can quickly result in multiple Maladies. The added bonus to Desirability provided by wells should also be taken into account when considering placement in residential districts.

    Wells are also a critical access point for Villagers responding to building fires. For this reason, it is still worth building wells in districts that don't have any obvious need of water to ensure that buildings are not lost to fire damage.

    Gameplay Updates

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