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    Farthest Frontier

    Farthest Frontier was released into early access on 9 August 2022, exclusively for PC (Microsoft Windows) via Steam at time of launch.

    Since initial release, hotfixes and larger patches have been released to improve on the game's stability, provide quality-of-life fixes, and expand breadth/depth of content.

    The player can check their installed version number in-game from either the bottom right of the Title Screen or at the base of the pause menu when a game map has been loaded.

    Communications from the developer documenting these changes have been added below.

    NOTE: Latest patch recorded is 0.9.1, released on 14 November 2023.
    To ensure up-to-date information, please refer to the Developer Site

    Early Access Patch Notes

    WARNING: Beyond here lie potential spoilers!
    Version Name/Number Release Date Developer Notes (verbatim)

    Feature - 0.9.1


    Note: with this update, some desirability bonuses have been reduced. This will likely cause some of your shelters to become at risk of abandonment, but it can be compensated for by upgrading existing desirability buildings or placing new ones. This was a necessary change as we continue to develop the game towards v1.0.

    [Major New Features]

    • Raider camps are now generated on the map. These nefarious foes will readily plunder your fledgling settlement, but you will have the opportunity to wipe them off the map to postpone future raids and earn some loot in the process. Oh, how the tables have turned! This feature requires rolling a new map as raider camps cannot be generated retroactively.
    • Crypts have been added to the game. These hallowed buildings allow you to respectfully store hundreds of your town’s deceased in a much smaller space.
    • Droughts can now occur, which prevents rainfall and damages crop harvests. Certain crops are more resistant to drought conditions.
    • Different Map types now have different weather. For example dryer (ex. Arid) maps more likely to experience droughts, blizzards are more likely in Alpine maps, etc.
    • Storage Buildings (ex. Stockyard) now have storage limits. Select a resource and you can set minimum and maximum quotas which will dictate how much of that resource is desired in that building. Laborers will maintain storage throughout town based on the values you set.
    • With the addition of the Storage Limits feature, the resources that were previously stored in the Trading Post but counted towards the town’s resources (so called limbo storage), are now properly transferred out to appropriate storage buildings.


    • Updated building stocking behavior to better account for the number of workers, existing work orders, and the weight of the items needed to prevent workers idling while they wait for production materials to stock.
    • Explore points are now cancelled if reaching them requires a villager to retreat or gets them killed.
    • You can now toggle screen edge scrolling in the game settings.
    • You can now manually set the display monitor for the game in the video settings.
    • Buildings that are upgrading can now be selected and controlled. The build site can be selected through the building’s window.
    • Debug information has been added for the villagers stuck issue. If you experience this issue and a message appears on your screen, please send us the log that was generated!
    • Villagers now stop retreating when the threat is killed (ex. a villager fleeing from a bear will stop and return to work if the bear is killed, rather than retreating across town first).
    • Villagers now avoid recovering the deceased if there is a threat nearby (ex. wolves or raiders).
    • Optimized Desirability overlay when placing desirability buildings (ex. Theater).
    • Fixed an issue where building placement tooltips could overlap the building…placement.
    • Fixed an issue where occupation slots would become empty and could not be filled.
    • Fixed an issue where hunters can get stuck in a loop with traps.
    • Fixed an issue where herders would not perform any tasks besides herding.
    • Fixed an issue where production buildings would restock when there was only space for a couple additional items despite there being enough materials to produce goods.
    • Fixed an issue where production limits would disable desirability effects on buildings (ex. Bakery).
    • Fixed an issue where preserves were not preventing scurvy.
    • Fixed an issue where villagers would continue to retreat after the threat was dealt with.
    • Fixed an issue where hunters would sometimes retreat from a wounded boar.
    • Fixed an issue where raid notifications may show inaccurate raider counts.
    • Fixed an issue where raiders could telepathically attack buildings at a distance when dealing with sheer cliffs.
    • Fixed an issue with wounded villagers continuing to perform tasks.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple Guild Halls and Temples could be placed.
    • Fixed an issue where defensive buildings (ex. Towers) would count towards housing counts for Entertainment and Spirituality buildings.
    • Fixed an issue where Bloody Stone of Idrick was not granting its bonuses.
    • Fixed an issue where Hair of Saint Hadia were not granting its bonuses and added its bonus to the Yield detailed tooltip.
    • Fixed an issue where Rat Catcher placement would not highlight what buildings are within its work area.


    • Increased population growth in 700+ population towns.
    • Increased Spirituality generation from Temples, Shrines, and Altars.
    • Villagers now have a chance to die during childbirth, based on Healthcare Adversity difficulty. This risk is reduced by a Healer’s House.
    • Lookout Tower guards are now in stasis and remain in their post without the need to stock.
    • Villagers now resume their regular tasks sooner than soldiers/guards when given manual move commands.
    • Soldiers and Guards now have priority over hunters for grabbing weapons.
    • The Annual Report now has a keybind.
    • A new tutorial has been added for low builders.
    • Wolves now generate Small Carcasses, with reduced Meat.
    • Reduced Meat from Deer.
    • Reduced Fertility dependency and depletion of Flax and Buckwheat.


    • Increased health and armor on various storage buildings, Town Center, Trading Post, and Barracks.
    • Birth rates in Barns now scale with number of Herders, based on the size of the herd. Having insufficient herders to maintain your herds can result in reduced birth rates.
    • Cows can now go rogue and seek out nearby unfenced crops.
    • Fixed an issue with Healer’s House and School desirability applying at 100% effectiveness regardless of distance. They now correctly have a fall-off curve like other desirability buildings.
    • Reduced desirability for the Flower Urn.
    • Reduced desirability for the tier 1 and 2 Shrine.
    • Reduced desirability for the tier 2 Temple.
    • Reduced desirability for the tier 1 and 2 Theater.


    • Increased prices of some items, notably Tools, Weapons, and Stone.
    • Increased spoilage time for Preserves.
    • Increased lifetime for Barrels.

    Feature - 0.9.0


    NOTE: the new spirituality system requires relics to fully enjoy it. The main method of acquiring relics is through excavating ruins, which are not retroactively generated on the map. In order to excavate ruins for relics, you will need to start a new map.


    [Major New Features]

    • A new Spirituality system has been added to the game. Villagers now demand spiritual fullfilment, which can be managed through the construction of shrines and the all-new Temple. Relics can be excavated, traded for, and stolen from raiders and combined to create a faith unique to your town.
    • The paper industry has been added to the game. Villagers can now process flax into paper and combine that with leather to create books, a new luxury item. Construct grand libraries to provide entertainment based on the books stored.
    • The Guild Hall has been added to the game. The Guild Hall consumes paper to manage and improve your settlement’s industries.
    • The population cap of 1000 has been removed. You can now set your own population cap in the game settings if you wish.


    • Optimized Farmer AI for improved framerate.
    • Farmers now prioritize fields more intelligently and will begin their work sooner.
    • Farmers now tend to fields in their spare time, reducing travel time when planting/harvest needs to be done.
    • Villagers now prioritize dropping off carried items at a nearby storage before moving on to other high priority tasks.
    • Fixed an issue guard, soldier and raider health would reset to a lower value on game load.
    • Fixed an issue where inputing numbers into the Trading Post UI could alter the game speed.
    • Fixed an issue where relocating a building would temporarily remove workers from other instances of the same building.
    • Fixed an issue where the Town Center would count homes stocked with luxury items incorrectly.
    • Fixed an issue where the annual report would not track Beer consumption.
    • Fixed an issue where Raiders and Soldiers would hold Crossbows incorrectly.
    • Fixed an issue where Merchants would be missing torsos.
    • Fixed an issue where the Town Center UI tabs could become stuck.
    • Fixed an issue where Graveyards and Crop Fields could be built over Fruit Trees and Apiaries could be built inside Graveyards.
    • Fixed an issue where declining an immigration event could result in a follow-up immigration event of 0 villagers.
    • Fixed an issue where town would report needing excessive quantities of clothing, shoes and coats.
    • Fixed an issue where the Structural Integrity tutorial would not trigger.
    • Fixed an issue where villagers would perform tasks with invisible tools.
    • Fixed an issue where villagers end up with soldier portraits, and vice-versa.
    • Fixed an issue with villagers seeking medicine or getting treated indefiniely at a Healer’s House that has no healer.
    • Fixed an issue where the Healer’s House would count more patients than it treated.
    • Fixed an issue where raider notifications sometimes display the incorrect raider count.
    • Fixed an issue where adding 2 workers to a tower if another tower is vacant would not correctly add both to the same tower.
    • Fixed an issue where the work area circle would disappear while trying to move it.
    • Fixed an issue where extended Crop Fields would not generate a honey bonus.
    • Fixed an issue where removing buildings from the work area of a tier 2 Work Camp would not allow trees to be planted in the vacated space.
    • Fixed an issue where the the notification for rotted crops would display incorrect numbers.
    • Fixed an issue where you could relocate a blueberry bush onto another blueberry bush relocation site, causing one to vanish.
    • Fixed an issue where building a crop field over other build sites and then cancelling those build sites would result in a larger field for less work. The field generated now matches the originally placed shape before the build sites were cancelled.
    • Fixed a rare issue where a dead villager could continue to occupy a work slot.
    • Fixed an issue where some building windows did not correctly light up in the winter.
    • Fixed an issue where traps do not get relocated when a Hunter Lodge is relocated or has its work area moved.
    • Fixed an issue where a Hunter Lodge could get stuck in full storage limbo.
    • Fixed an issue where audio settings could reset.


    • Improved UI scaling of the Town Center windows.
    • The Intro Cinematic is now correctly on the Master audio layer.
    • Resources with no remaining valid storage are now marked in the Resource Window.
    • Hints can now be individually disabled in the interface settings (ex. low laborers warning).
    • Defense buildings now show their Armor value when selected.
    • The Destroyed Building notification now only jumps to buildings that are still not rebuilt.
    • Hunter Traps now have a penalty to how frequently they produce when an excessive number is stacked in one area.


    • Increased base water refill rate in Wells and reduced refill bonus from rain. On average, wells should generate more water.
    • Fixed an issue where some workers would go idle at the Blacksmith when making weapons or heavy weapons exclusively.
    • Granary window now correctly displays Barrel UI.


    • Adjusted the balance between Wheat, Rye and Buckwheat to make each more distinctly appealing.

    Feature - 0.8.3



    • Fixed a rare issue where stone deposits can end up too small to place a Quarry. This fix is retroactive.


    • Fixed an issue where crops would fail to plant. Any saves already impacted by this issue will have to either redo their current crop rotation or simply wait out the bugged *harvest to the next year. The issue is resolved after that.
    • Fixed an issue where temperatures could end up stuck in extreme cold or extreme heat.
    • Fixed an issue where expanding fields would not update the maximum farmer count properly.
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause loading to hang indefinitely.


    [Major New Features]

    • Town Center placement now has an overview of all resources in the general area.
    • Work Camps can now be upgraded to tier 2. In addition to harvesting logs and stone, tier 2 Work Camps can also replant trees for sustainable forestry.
    • Deep Mines and Quarries are now available in tier 4. These buildings can gather their respective resource indefinitely once placed. Note that this feature requires starting a new map as the resources need to be regenerated.
    • The Professions Window now features an “Auto-Refill” checkbox underneath the Laborer count. When this feature is turned on, available laborers will automatically refill other professions whenever there are vacancies (ex. villager deaths). This feature is toggled on by default.


    • Optimized raider combat pathing and logic to improve performance during raids, particularly large end-game raids.
    • Optimized health bars, which improves framerates when there are significant numbers of health bars on the screen, ex. when raiders appear or many buildings are left damaged.
    • Optimized detail foliage on buildings to improve performance.
    • Fixed a rare issue that can cause the game to fail saving.
    • Fixed an issue where fields can appear visually empty and crops are left to rot.
    • Fixed an issue where exposure to extreme weather was not working as intended. This resulted in villagers sheltering in their homes longer than intended and potentially ending up stuck inside up to Summer, but also surviving weather they should not have.
    • Fixed an issue where the Market immigration event would not trigger correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where heavy tools would end up stuck in building storage instead of becoming available to the whole town.
    • Fixed an issue where the tool used by a building (ex. Windmill) would show up in its storage in addition to its heavy tool slot.
    • Fixed an issue where Blacksmith Forge would get stuck when producing Heavy Tools.
    • Fixed an issue where traders would get stuck in the Trading Post with 0 days departure time.
    • Fixed an issue where selecting a building would not consistently highlight other instances of the same building in town.
    • Fixed an issue where the Crop Field window was inaccessible while it is being expanded.
    • Fixed an issue where Markets would continue to stock foods that had been unchecked (ex. uncheck meat, meat was stocked anyway).
    • Fixed an issue where some luxury items were automatically unchecked when upgrading a Market to tier 2.
    • Fixed an issue where the footprint of a constructed or relocated building could break, resulting in overlap.
    • Fixed an issue where cancelling a road upgrade could result in a phantom road getting stuck.
    • Fixed an issue where young trees would be marked as mature and generate as much wood as mature trees.
    • Fixed several sounds that were on the wrong channels or incorrect 2d/3d settings.


    • Builders now auto-repair buildings at 70% structural integrity, up from 60%. The structural integrity warning now appears over buildings at 50%. The Mark for Repairs priority button is now available at 50%. As long as sufficient building materials and builders are available, this system is largely automatic.
    • Food Spoilage and Crop Diseases now scale with game difficulty.
    • You can now cycle between instances of the same building with arrows in the building’s window.
    • Reduced how fast villagers consume water. Consequently, the amount of water shelters need to stock has been reduced.
    • Reduced wear of shoes by 40%, ie. shoes now last longer.
    • Reduced the resources on Megarocks™ to compensate for the addition of quarries.


    • Bakeries no longer lose their desirability bonus when they are halted by production limits. Manually toggling off a bakery still disables its desirability.
    • Increased max workers at Barns and increased production time for milk.
    • Increased suggested farmers per Crop Field, scaling with size.
    • Granary storage is now summarized in the Resource Window.
    • Increased work area for Rat Catchers and reduced their upkeep.
    • Markets now have the same spoilage reduction benefits as Root Cellars and can store as many barrels, so that transferring food out of root cellars for distribution is not penalized.
    • Increased production speed at Smokehouses.
    • Reduced Hides per Hide Coat at the Tannery.
    • Increased Flax per Linen Clothes at the Weaver Building.
    • Adjusted Well water generation to account for the changes to shelter stocking.


    • Reduced price of Cheese.
    • Increased luxury tax from Furniture and Glassware.
    • Reduced price of Logs.
    • Increased the cost and reduced the luxury tax on Spices.

    Feature - 0.8.2

    • Fixed missing localizations that were translated but were not showing up in-game. The Town Center/Graveyard relocation window tags will appear in English until the next localization pass in a future update.


    [Major New Features]

    • The Town Center and Graveyard can now be relocated at the cost of gold. The gold cost scales with the Town Center’s tier and the Graveyard’s size and number of graves.
    • Arborist buildings have received a mechanical overhaul. Fruit trees can now be placed in 1x1, 2x2 and 3x3 grids. Arborist workers now assist in planting and replanting fruit trees. By default, fruit trees are now automatically replanted after they are culled. This setting can be toggled in the Arborist building window.
    • Compost Yards now automatically deposit compost in crop fields. By default, the setting is set to Lowest Fertility, but can be toggled to Highest Fertility or Off per Compost Yard.
    • Steam Cloud save has been enabled for the game. By default, your saves will be synced with Steam Cloud. Please note that we have no access to your Steam Cloud data, and cannot restore saves in the event of issues.


    • Camera can now also be rotated with the keyboard, default bindings Q and E.
    • Optimized road placement to reduce hitching.
    • Optimized AI logistics for item requests to improve performance.
    • Building occupation slots now indicate that they are unavailable if production is toggled off.
    • Building occupation slots can now be edited while production is toggled off or halted.
    • Fixed an issue where sound calls would accumulate when the game is alt-tabbed out, then play all at once when maximizing the game window.
    • Fixed an issue where volume settings would reset when returning to the main menu.
    • Fixed an issue where toggling off death notifications in the game settings would not actually disable them.
    • Fixed an issue where typing in a negative number in the Trade UI when a merchant is both buying and selling would treat the request as a buy order.
    • Fixed an issue where trying to recruit educated workers, ex. in the School or Healer’s House, and no free villagers are available would not always display the window to select from existing educated villagers.
    • Fixed an issue where equipment icons would remain stuck in the building UI after selecting a tower or barracks and then another building, or when removing soldiers.
    • Fixed an issue where fences built on the corner of 2 gates would have an incorrect shape.
    • Fixed an issue where graveyards could be built on other graveyards.
    • Fixed an issue where other objects could be placed inside of graveyards.
    • Fixed an issue where traders would arrive with excessively long departure time.
    • Fixed an issue where cancelling a build site or road can result in trees and rocks becoming unmarked for harvest on nearby build sites/roads, preventing their construction.
    • Fixed an issue where fruit trees and crop field drop-off points would block arrows.
    • Fixed a rare crash caused by missing localization tags.
    • Fixed a rare issue where a home may upgrade to the next tier without meeting desirability requirements due to nearby construction of a Cobbled Road.


    • Monthly Gold Report now has a detailed breakdown of service costs, rather than lumping them into one value.
    • Immigration rates now scale more dynamically with population
    • Build Menu now lists how many of a building you have in town when hovering over build options.
    • The English version of the intro cinematic now features subtitles. This was already the case for translations.
    • Production can now be toggled in all production buildings (ex. mines)
    • Soldiers now display shields in their equipment when selecting the Barracks.
    • Wolf Dens are now capped per area based on difficulty (no more wolf superclusters).
    • Boar spawners are now much easier to displace by buildings and crop fields.
    • Shelters now correctly list Increased Income as one of their upgrade bonuses.
    • Fixed an issue where field expansions would not displace animal spawners.

    QoL - 0.8.1

    • Fixed a rare save load issue caused by expanded fields.v0.8.1

    [Major New Features]

    • An optimization pass has been done on various game systems and renderers, which should result in significant gains in framerate for towns of all sizes, especially for larger towns. This is a first pass on optimization and further improvements are expected in the future.
    • Various new notifications and warnings have been added to inform you of critical events (ex. destroyed buildings or empty mines). Numerous notifications have also been consolidated to reduce spam (mainly combat and disease).


    • Added visual indicator for worker positions that are unfilled due to halted production.


    • Optimized road placement to reduce hitching.
    • Fixed several rare graphics-related crashes.
    • Fixed an issue where toggling the UI would not hide widget icons.
    • Fixed an issue where services and soldiers could end up unpaid despite there being gold in the town and/or a positive net gold income.
    • Fixed an issue where gold stored in Foundries was listed as part of town gold, but could not be accessed to pay expenses.
    • Fixed an issue where workers might prioritize items or mines outside of town over local storage when stocking production buildings.
    • Fixed an issue where prioritizing a build site could end up with excess builders over the set limit.
    • Fixed an issue where raising the number of builders on a build site could end up with excess builders over the set limit.
    • Fixed an issue where opening the Resources and Professions windows for the first time would hang the game.
    • Fixed an issue where manually entering a number in the Trading Post transfer/trade windows would not register.
    • Fixed an issue where inputs in the Trading Post transfer/trade windows would alter the game speed.
    • Fixed an issue that would allow multiple Trading Posts to be built.
    • Fixed an issue where Crops Lost to Rot notification would show incorrect or blank info.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple Town Centers could be built. It’s not exactly the center if there’s more than one!
    • Fixed an issue where laborers would not pick up certain items left on the ground (ex. baskets, milk, etc.)
    • Fixed an issue where foragers would drop their foraged items to handle needs before dropping off.
    • Fixed an issue where the repair now button was blocked by the condemned building state.
    • Fixed an issue where plazas with benches could be built on top of roads.
    • Fixed an issue where increasing worker count in a building window while the game is paused could result in excess workers if the Professions window is then used to also increase the worker count.
    • Fixed an issue where a new Barn could inherit the grazing area of a destroyed Barn.
    • Fixed a rare issue where traveling merchants would arrive at the Trading Post and immediately leave.
    • Fixed a rare issue where farmer count in the Professions window would not match the farmers assigned to fields.


    • Increased the capacity of upgraded shelters. Tier 2 homesteads now house 5 villagers, tier 3 large homes now house 6 villagers, and tier 4 manors now house 8 villagers.
    • The Town Center can no longer be cleared with the clear tool.
    • Resources with halted production due to production limits are now marked in the Resources Window to make this apparent at a glance.
    • Fruit trees now block regular tree growth, preventing situations where an orchard becomes overgrown with forest.


    • Apiary window now displays the Honey bonus.
    • Overlapping grazing areas for Barns now correctly have a penalty to fodder bonus.
    • Barns that are at capacity or overpopulated can now have cows transferred to them from the Trading Post or other Barns.
    • Increased manufacturing speed of Shoes at the Cobbler Shop.
    • Markets no longer stockpile water. This mechanic had minimal impact on stocking homes while it made wells get drained more frequently and triggered the low water warning when the town in fact had plenty.
    • Increased worker count for tier 1 and 2 Markets.
    • Reduced worker count for mines to 8, from 10. This may cause your existing mines to reset back to 2 workers.
    • Increased Capacity of tier 1 and 2 wells and increased refill rate of tier 2 wells.
    • Reduced the overlap range for wells. Wells can now be built closer together without suffering a penalty to refill rate.

    Feature - 0.8.0

    [Major New Features]
    • Production Limits can now be set from within the Resource Window and/or from building windows. Almost all resources in the game that a town can produce can now have min and max quotas set to control when villagers produce them or return to the labor pool.
    • Many of the game’s systems and windows have been updated with tutorials. These appear in the form of pop-ups that fill you in on game mechanics and in detailed tooltips explaining game windows and how they function. Tutorials have been reset for all users to accommodate this addition.
    • Beautify your towns with a series of all new decorative and entertainment buildings! Enjoy Festival Poles, Ornamental Trees, Flower Urns, Bench Plazas, new Fence types and more!
    • Houses now have a detailed Desirability bar that shows progress towards housing tiers. The tooltip for this bar provides a detailed rundown of every desirability bonus/penalty on that shelter.
    • Villager AI has received numerous upgrades that will make them more efficient and intelligent at performing their tasks while also reducing frustrating instances of them stopping mid-task or dropping items all over town.
    • Building Windows now feature a new button to mark a building for top priority repairs. This button can be toggled once a building is below 90% structural integrity.


    • Updated the visibility for work areas and build grids to make them easier to see, especially on overlays and/or snow.


    • Optimized snow shaders for improved performance during Winter.
    • Removed erroneous keybinds for reverse building rotation and the analytics window. These were non-functional for players.
    • Fixed an issue where monthly gold income could become reserved by villagers before being applied to upkeep (ex. Theaters, Healer’s House, soldier training, etc.), resulting in those buildings shutting down or soldiers deserting because they were unpaid.
    • Fixed an issue where collapsing sections of building UI windows (ex. Storage or Items Produced In The Last Year) could cause the game to hang.
    • Fixed an issue where soldiers could end up wounded and then garrison the barracks where they would remain in wounded stasis.
    • Fixed an issue where soldiers would not drop their weapons when dying from non-combat causes. This also fixes an issue where raiders stealing arrows/bows/weapons would not drop them when killed.
    • Fixed an issue where building relocation build sites could become rotated from the original building’s facing.
    • Fixed an issue where crop storage of a new field could sometimes be built on top of an existing field.
    • Fixed an issue where saving the game after a late planting in a crop field and then loading could cause the harvest to be missed.
    • Fixed an issue where dying farmers would not get correctly subtracted from Crop Field worker totals.
    • Fixed an issue where expanding a field would zero out weed and rock levels.
    • Fixed an issue where icons over unusually-shaped expanded crop fields would appear offset from the crop field.
    • Fixed an issue where Breweries would display the “No Entertainment” icon. Sorry, brewery tours are permanently cancelled.
    • Fixed an issue where work areas sometimes do not initialize after loading unless a building with a work area is selected first.
    • Fixed an issue where Flatten Tool would deselect resources for Harvest, which can potentially block a build site from ever getting constructed.
    • Fixed an issue where the game rarely began with less villagers than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where fruit trees could cause fertility in the area to drop when planted near wetlands.
    • Fixed an issue where tier 1 Wells would not display low water warnings.
    • Fixed an issue where building icons could be used to select a building mid-upgrade, mid-fire, etc.
    • Fixed an issue where non-forager items could be stored at Forager Shacks.
    • Fixed an issue where traveling merchants arriving at the Trading Post would sometimes immediately leave.
    • Fixed an issue where buying/selling resources at the Trading Post while a gold transfer was in progress would cause the gold amounts to shift, potentially resulting in 0 gold in the town’s storage and all of it moving to the Trading Post every month.
    • Fixed an issue where buying and selling resources back and forth in the Trading Post would cause the storage limit to increase for that resource.
    • Fixed an issue where the Trading Post merchant has arrived icon would remain after all traveling merchants have left.
    • Fixed an issue where rubble from certain buildings would not block construction of new buildings on top of them.
    • Fixed an issue where build sites for buildings/roads could become blocked by new tree growth, preventing their construction.
    • Fixed an issue where expanding a field would 0 out its weed and rock levels.
    • Fixed an issue where flattening terrain could cause buildings to rotate off the placement grid.
    • Fixed an issue where Root Vegetables and Grain stored in a Barn could block other Production buildings (ex. Preservist Building).
    • Fixed an issue where Hunter Cabins and Forager Shacks would excessively warn of no resources in their work areas.


    • Builders now distribute build tasks more intelligently. This means that if a combination of roads/buildings/walls/upkeep construction occurs at the same time, builders will distribute themselves throughout these jobs until they are all completed.
    • Likewise, builders are now more efficient about handling road and wall construction sites, treating them as multiple build tasks rather than one large task that could sometimes end up with just one builder. This should result in roads and walls, and their respective upgrades, being built much faster than before.
    • Villagers now favor housing that is close to their work when selecting shelters.
    • Villagers now prioritize finishing their tasks over dropping what they are doing to do non-critical priorities such as stocking shelter. This change prevents villagers regularly dropping items on the ground and not finishing a job they were in the middle of.
    • Villagers now react to fires more intelligently, with only nearby villagers responding to a fire and then only the number necessary to put it out. In addition, villagers no longer drop water buckets all over the place. Consequently, water can no longer be stored in Storehouses or Storage Carts as that is no longer necessary.
    • Villagers that work in production buildings now prioritize storage over items dropped on the ground. This means no more running across the map to pick up a couple logs when there’s a stockpile across the street. Cleaning up item piles remains the role of Laborers.
    • Fixed an issue with Grocers not stocking shelters in their work area. Grocers now also stock all essentials in their Market more effectively and keep shelters stocked so that villagers do not have to as often or at all.
    • Fixed an issue with laborers not correctly prioritizing soil mixture tasks. Previously, laborers would score soil mixture very low, resulting in the tasks almost never getting done.


    • Professions Window settings are now saved between sessions, rather than refilling workers to max on load.
    • Professions Window values can now be incremented by 10 by shift-clicking and by 100 by ctrl-clicking.
    • Improved the notifications for when raiders arrive/leave to be much more accurate.
    • Increased the intensity of the Flatten Tool.
    • Cows can now graze on fields, improving their fertility. Grazing on crops provides good fodder, but the cows also eat part of the harvest. Clover provides the best fodder bonus.
    • Adjusted Entertainment requirements to make villager entertainment happiness easier to manage.
    • Happiness bonuses can now exceed 100%. Maintaining high happiness thus confers additional benefits.
    • Storage building windows (storehouse, stockyard, etc) now have checkboxes to select/unselect entire categories of items.
    • The Wall Tool now has a priority option.
    • Placing buildings that impact desirability now also shows the difference in desirability in addition to the total.
    • Adjusted desirability overlay to better reflect desirability values.
    • Removed 100 cap on Builder profession.
    • All video options now have tooltips.


    • Condemned buildings can now be salvaged and relocated.
    • Relocating a building that requires upkeep, or a condemned building, now also costs the materials required to repair them. The relocated structure is then restored to 100% repaired status.
    • Palisade and Fortified Walls have been moved to the Defenses category. The Walls and Roads category has been renamed to Roads and Fencing.
    • Many production buildings now support more workers in exchange for slower production rates. This offers a more granular control over how fast various resources are generated and consumed.
    • Increased Service cost of many service buildings.
    • Increased the upgrade cost of many production buildings and decorations.
    • Reduced taxes generated by tier 3 and 4 shelters.
    • Increased construction cost of Statues.
    • Increased construction cost of the Cheesemaker.
    • Milking is now enabled by default in Barns. The milking toggle has been removed. Disabling milking had no functional advantage and was a remnant of an old barn mechanic that had been removed.
    • Barns now generate waste based on number of cows during winter, which can be collected by Nightsoil Collectors to generate compost. Be aware that waste accumulating can deteriorate the health of the herd!
    • Upgrading a Barn to tier 2 now resets the herd size to 20 rather than maintaining the values set at tier 1.
    • Hunter Cabins, Forager Shacks, Fishing Shacks and Lookout Towers no longer count towards taxes for Markets.
    • Foundry/Smeltery now produces Gold Ingots more slowly.
    • Fieldstone Wall has been renamed to Fieldstone Fence. Now requires tier 2 to build.
    • Trading Post window now returns to the top when reopened, rather than remembering scroll position from previous viewings.
    • For performance reasons, Small Plazas no longer generate desirability. If you had shelters that depended on them to reach desirability thresholds, it may cause those homes to be at risk of abandonment. This is the price of paving over the frontier!
    • Fixed an issue where the Watch Tower had a smaller line of sight radius than the Lookout Tower.


    • Cows now reproduce more slowly and generate less meat when butchered. Barns OP.
    • Increased time it takes to consume Luxury goods in homes, but reduced the gold they generated per month in taxes. This in turn makes it easier to maintain luxury happiness while the total gold gained from taxes per luxury item remains roughly the same.


    • Increased raider spawns on Vanquisher difficulty and reduced raid difficulty on Pioneer and Trailblazer difficulty.

    QoL - 0.7.6

    • Fixed an issue where builders performing upkeep would not play an animation.


    • Optimized the Town Center UI windows (resources, professions, happiness) to be much more responsive.
    • Vsync multiplier now scales with high-refresh monitors.
    • Fixed an issue where the cursor would not register through widgets when trying to place buildings.
    • Fixed an issue where villagers could end up stuck in terrain, generating so called “death cults”.
    • Fixed an issue where wall construction could cause severe performance hitches.
    • Fixed an issue with foraged items spawning in water. This fix is not retroactive.
    • Fixed an issue where the Occlusion Highlight toggle would reset.
    • Fixed an issue where building and resource window positions would become offset randomly.
    • Fixed an issue where building windows would sometimes require tiny amounts of scroll bar to see the full contents.
    • Fixed multiple issues where certain widgets (building icons) would not appear when intended (ex. waste warning, paused production, etc.).
    • Fixed an issue where the Forager Shack and Market were not displaying certain widgets.
    • Fixed multiple issues where Trading Post UI could end up stuck, or display traders incorrectly, ex. after upgrading the Trading Post.
    • Fixed an issue where other building windows could be opened while the Trading Post window is open.
    • Fixed an issue where Trading Post UI would flash between different products in the same line.
    • Fixed an issue where spoiled items would sometimes remain as x0 piles.
    • Fixed an issue where villagers could end up perpetually retreating inside a residence.
    • Fixed an issue where building production would sometimes not resume after a building was uncondemned or a fire was put out.
    • Fixed an issue where production sliders at the Work Camp would reset on their own.
    • Fixed an issue where hunters would generate more traps than the set amount.
    • Fixed an issue where Hunter Lodge trap slider would reset back to max.
    • Fixed an issue where Barn overpopulation would trigger one cow sooner than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where herds could become permanently abandoned when cancelling a barn relocation task.
    • Fixed an issue where cows could end up stuck in limbo in the Trading Post and then deleted.
    • Fixed a rare on load issue related to barns.
    • Fixed an issue where fruit and decorative trees could be placed within crop fields.
    • Fixed an issue where fields could be tilled on top of each other.
    • Fixed an issue where field expansions could be added beyond the cap if done without closing the window.
    • Fixed an issue where field expansions could be added infinitely into the fog of war.
    • Fixed an issue where field expansions would sometimes cause a field to have more workers than the cap.


    • Villagers now automatically exit the Town Center garrison before starving. Consequently, starving villagers will no longer garrison the Town Center.
    • Increased time for homes to become abandoned to 8 months, up from 4.
    • Increased starting food for Pioneer difficulty.
    • Expanding a field now also adjusts the overall weed level, fertility and rockiness accordingly, rather than the expanded field inheriting the values of the original field.
    • Added a critical indicator (!) to items that are full in building storage.
    • Building upkeep now accumulates seasonally rather than monthly, giving builders more time to react to upkeep tasks before additional materials are required.
    • Buildings with unpaid expenses are now blocked from work. A new icon has been added for buildings that are in this state.
    • Increased meat from boars.


    • Increased fruit output for fruit trees at the Arborist Building.
    • Arborist Building now supports up to 2 workers.
    • Cobbled Road now requires a tier 3 Town Center.
    • Reduced population cap for tier 1 Barns to 10, down from 12, and increased the cap to 20 for tier 2 Barns, up from 16.
    • Tier 2 Barn now requires a tier 4 Town Center.
    • Cows can no longer be purchased at the Trading Post unless a Barn has been constructed.
    • Updated production of meat, hides and milk at Barns.
    • Changed milking and butchering priority for herders and prevented cows from being stuck not grazing when not in milking season.
    • Basket Maker no longer requires a Forager to build.
    • Reduced amount of tools and weapons Blacksmith Forge/Workshop will store, so they are moved to town storage more quickly.
    • Increased production time of cheese at Cheesemaker.
    • Compost Yards now automatically dispose of excess waste, allowing them to continue to collect waste even if all 3 compost storage areas are full.
    • Environmental Fertility modifiers for Crop Fields are now displayed when placing the field and in the Crop Field UI itself. This modifier impacts the potency of any fertility gains, ex. from Clover. This was technically snuck in v0.7.5f, but we wanted to draw attention to it as it was never called out.
    • Updated Fertility Impact display in Crop Selection to display effective Fertility changes, rather than a +/-5 range, before environmental fertility modifiers.
    • Reduced arrows produced at the Fletcher Building/Workshop per log to 18, down from 20.
    • Reduced Sand per Glass at the Glassmaker to 3, down from 4.
    • Hunter Lodge no longer has Structural Integrity, to match the tier 1 Hunter Cabin.
    • Shrunk the hit box of Small Plazas for the rare edge case where roads are overlapping them enough to be un-selectable.
    • Plaza upgrades now correctly require a tier 3 Town Center, instead of requiring the same tier they are unlocked at.
    • Increased production speed at the Smokehouse.
    • Tannery no longer requires a Hunter Cabin to build.


    • Adjusted the collision bounds for the Megarock.
    • Fixed an issue where Furniture could decay in storage.


    • Adjusted tuning of raids on Vanquisher difficulty. Raids have fallen a bit behind the curve with all the buffs to player defenses.

    Hotfix - 0.7.5f

    • Fixed an issue where Traveling Merchant warning would remain stuck on screen after merchants leave.
    • Fixed an issue where harvests would not get collected immediately after loading a game.
    • Fixed an issue with Barn births not accounting correctly for overpopulation
    • Fixed an issue where Barn births per year displayed higher than the barn would actually generate.


    • Building Repair costs now cap out at 50% of the original cost, down from 100%.
    • Building Repairs now accumulate slower, giving builders more time to get around to making repairs. Builders now perform repairs faster and sooner, at 60% remaining durability, previously 40%.
    • Increased the minimum number of farmers per field to 2. This means 5x5 fields now have more farmers to keep up with all the work.
    • Barracks, Towers, and Fences no longer require maintenance.

    Hotfix - 0.7.5e

    • Fixed a rare issue that can cause game to fail to save.

    Hotfix - 0.7.5d

    • Fixed an issue where loading an old save would cause it to implode in spectacular glory when every building around suddenly needs massive repairs.
    • Fixed an issue where building repair costs would be much higher than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where building repair state could go over 100%.
    • Fixed an issue where a condemned building could not be worked in even after it was repaired.
    • Fixed an issue where resetting to default controls would cause the menu to appear blank.


    • Increased max number of workers in Tier 2 Barns.
    • Increased meat and hides generated by small carcasses.
    • Increased meat on Boar Carcasses.
    • Increased meat on Deer carcasses.
    • Increased Work Camp work area radius to 65m, from 60m, and increased their storage capacity.
    • Increased Mine work area radius to 30m, from 25m.

    Hotfix - 0.7.5c

    • This hotfix was released to address a critical issue reported this morning
    • Fixed an issue where Tier 2 barns would display 0/0 cows and lose their herds when loading a town that already has a Tier 2 barn built. This issue also sometimes caused towns to fail to save.

    Hotfix - 0.7.5b

    • This hotfix was released to address critical issues that emerged as a result of v0.7.5
    • Fixed an issue where rocks could not be harvested and saving and loading a town in this state would cause all rocks to disappear. Unfortunately, this fix is not retroactive for any towns that already had their rocks vanish.
    • Fixed an issue where fishing areas would vanish.
    • Fixed an issue with Town Center UI displaying incorrectly.
    • Fixed an issue where saves would fail to load.

    Feature - 0.7.5


    Technically Farthest Frontier’s largest update to date, v0.7.5 is now available for your enjoyment.

    This update is packed with important bug fixes as well as improvements to resource generation and a new map for first-time pioneers or those that prefer a more relaxed setting. That’s not all of course and is only the beginning of everything we revealed in our first State of Early Access preview.

    We hope you enjoy! Keep the feedback and bug reports coming!

    For the complete list of changes, see below:

    [Major New Features]

    • A new map type has been added: Idyllic Valley. This bountiful map features all of the resources in abundance for a more relaxed playstyle that’s an excellent option for pioneers just starting out.
    • A new repair utility has been added to the installation directory. Running this utility allows you to reset various game settings without launching the game, for troubleshooting purposes.
    • World generation has been rebalanced to provide larger resource deposits and to generate “mega rocks”. However, these changes are not retroactive and require starting a new map to experience.
    • There is now a notification and sound when a new traveling merchant arrives at the Trading Post. In addition, so long as there is a traveling merchant present at the Trading Post, a circular warning appears in the top left of the screen.


    • Cleaned up navmesh blockers on some buildings to prevent building placement on top of other buildings and prevent villagers from pathing through them.
    • Increased draw distance for grass decoration objects.


    • New Settlement names are now properly validated to ensure invalid symbols are not used, which can cause save issues.
    • Removed legacy grass rendering for improved CPU and RAM utilization.
    • Vsync is now disabled by default.
    • Removed debugging window for crop rot.
    • Disabled option to select screen resolutions lower than 1024 in width and 720 in height. These resolutions are not supported.
    • Trading Post UI has received an optimization pass and now scales with resolution.
    • Fixed a memory leak related to reloading games and restarting/rerolling maps.
    • Fixed an issue with windows and tooltips not respecting UI scale when clamping to the screen.
    • Fixed an issue with in-game reset to default video settings options.
    • Fixed an issue where foraging resources would spawn off the pathable map, ex. in the water. This fix is not retroactive.
    • Fixed an issue with missing tooltips for Fruit.
    • Fixed an issue with carcass tooltip not displaying as intended.
    • Fixed an issue that generated free stone when clearing Cobbled Road build sites.
    • Fixed a rare issue that can cause saves to become unloadable.
    • Fixed an issue where AI would ignore shorelines when seeking drinking water.
    • Fixed an issue with decoration trees sometimes not loading.
    • Fixed an issue where Desirability overlay appears when placing roads.
    • Fixed several issues with building maintenance, also known as Structural Integrity.


    • Yes, barns get their own section this update.
    • Fixed an issue with Fodder HUD.
    • Fixed an issue with setting Grazing Area.
    • Fixed an issue with herd population controls.
    • Fixed an issue with new cow births.
    • Fixed an issue with cows not being able to path through gates.
    • Fixed an issue with cows becoming abandoned if a barn is relocated, destroyed, or upgraded.
    • It is now possible for a herd to become overpopulated, resulting in penalties to herd health.

    [Crop Fields]

    • Crop fields too!
    • Fixed an issue where farmers would prioritize Apiaries over building, maintaining and planting/harvesting fields. Towns with an excessive amount of Apiaries may find a reduction in Honey/Wax production as a result.
    • Fixed an issue with assigning Farmers to Crop Fields.
    • Fixed an issue where farmers may become unable to access crop field storage and end up stockpiling several harvests.
    • Fixed an issue where if there were no farmers assigned when field maintenance starts, adding farmers after the fact would cause the maintenance to get skipped.
    • Fixed an issue where if a game was loaded when field maintenance was in progress, the maintenance would be halted.
    • Fixed an issue where Clover could be exploited for mad fertility gainz.
    • Fixed an issue where expanded fields did not update the affected fertility area until the game was reloaded.
    • Fixed an issue where expanded fields had the affected fertility area off-set from where it should be.


    • Additional clean up on localization issues and changes based on community feedback.
    • Increased frequency of traveling merchants arriving per year.
    • Increased frequency of Cattle and Heavy Tools showing up with traveling merchants.
    • Builders now have handcarts for significantly improved carrying capacity, making stocking build sites much more efficient.
    • Villagers will now always consider Temporary Shelters when seeking shelter, even outside of extremely cold temperatures, improving the frequency with which those buildings are used.
    • Increased population requirements for upgrading the Town Center to Tier 3 and Tier 4 to 150 and 300, respectively.
    • Reduced spawn rate of Wolf Dens during map generation. This fix is not retroactive.
    • Adjusted volumes of building selection sound effects for the Town Center, Graveyard and Rat Catcher.
    • Fixed an issue with animal generation on small and medium maps that should result in significantly more deer spawning on Small and Medium maps. While this fix is not retroactive, it can still result in increased deer respawns on old saves.
    • Fixed an issue where hunters would spend excessive time dropping off small amount of meat in tier 2 Hunter Cabins.


    • Apiaries now require at least one Crop Field before they can be built. Apiaries require farmers to service them.
    • Charcoal Kiln can now have up to 4 workers, but individual worker production speed has been reduced, for more GRAINular production control…wait we did that pun already.
    • Cooper Building now requires Tier 3.
    • Healer’s House and Hospital now stock Soap.
    • Reduced monthly upkeep of Healer’s House and Hospital.
    • Fixed an issue where Healer’s House upgrade did not correctly require a Tier 3 Town Center.
    • Trading Post will no longer burn down by careless villagers.
    • Fixed an issue where Fieldstone Wall was upgradeable to Palisade Wall.


    • Adjusted some building Log and Plank costs for buildings.
    • Significantly increased the size of mineral deposits (clay, coal, gold, iron, sand). This change is not retroactive.
    • Mineral deposits (coal, gold, iron) now appear in single nodes and correctly display the total ore they contain. This change is not retroactive.
    • Adjustments to tree resources, including increased tree regrowth and maturation speed. Note: decoration trees do not spread new trees.
    • Added the megarock, a stone monolith that provides 1200 stone and can be found in many maps. This change is not retroactive.
    • Luxury goods no longer spoil. No more dropped pottery.


    • Raiders are now less likely to target Brickyards.
    • Reduced damage of certain raiders.
    • Improved damage bonuses of weapons for soldiers.

    Hotfix - 0.7.4

    We’ve wrapped up the next round of important bug fixes, but we also have some initial gameplay tuning based on your feedback so far.

    Thank you all for continued feedback and bug reports. Keep it coming!

    v0.7.4 Hotfix 2


    • UI scale now goes up to 2x. This is at least a step towards improving the experience at 4k resolution that could be done in short order.
    • Various UI fixes and adjustments, such as text clipping UI elements.
    • UI text tweaks to accommodate longer words in some languages.
    • Fixed blurry images on some building UI.


    • Fixed a major issue when loading a game related to game pause occurring while the load screen was not yet gone.
    • Fixed a major issue where farmers would not work on fields.
    • Fixes for improperly displayed tooltips.
    • Fixed incorrect item counts with deceased villagers.
    • Fixed crop field outlines in certain odd cases when intersecting with roads.


    • Scrolling the camera far from the Town Center and into Fog of War now causes the Center on Town Center button to become highlighted.
    • Declined Immigration events no longer have a chance to turn hostile and pillage your storage. The ability to fight them was not working as intended and ultimately this old mechanic did not feel good as you are likely declining immigrants to avoid overpopulation and would sometimes be punished for it.
    • Pacing of villager Entertainment demands significantly reduced / delayed to smooth out how quickly your town needs to provide entertainment to maintain happiness.
    • Clay Deposit generation rates and sizes increased for some biomes. In short: moar clay. This change is not retroactive.
    • Building select SFX now correctly affected by UI audio slider.
    • Added/updated some missing/incorrect translations.


    • Waste accumulation in lower tier houses has been reduced.
    • Disabled the supply wagon construction button. The Supply Wagon is the starting point for your people and is not intended as a storage method beyond that point. In the future, we plan for a way to convert your starting wagon into something more useful.
    • Apothecary Shop relocated on building menu from Food to Amenities and Services.
    • Armory can now produce Shields without Iron Ingots. This allows armorers to produce items in Tier 2 even if Iron Ingots are unavailable, which can be produced in town in a Tier 3 Foundry.
    • Pub has moved to Tier 3 so that it now coincides with Brewery, which produces beer to use at the Pub. This change also aligns with the adjustments to entertainment needs.
    • Rat Catcher monthly costs reduced.
    • Theater monthly costs reduced.
    • Well water alert now only displays when well is empty.
    • Wind Mill flour production speed has been halved, but the number of Millers has been raised from 1 to 2, for more GRAINular control over how fast flour is generated.


    • Honey no longer spoils.
    • Taxes generated by Pottery and Candle luxury goods in homes boosted from 3 to 4 gold per year.
    • Taxes generated from Spices and duration before they are consumed in homes boosted significantly.


    • Tower and Soldier monthly upkeep costs reduced.
    • Raiders are now a bit more stabby but less likely to destroy certain buildings, such as Root Cellars.
    • Reduced armor on some raiders.
    • Reduced melee weapon damages slightly all around.
    • Regular villager attack boosted slightly.

    Hotfix - 0.7.3

    The community has been extremely helpful so far in helping us discover issues and reproduce them on our end.

    Likewise, we are listening to your feedback regarding systems and mechanics. More tutorials are on the way to help those that are struggling to figure some of them out as well. :)

    As not all issues are created equal, we frontloaded those we consider top priority for your enjoyment of the game and pushed them out ASAP.

    This is only the beginning of our support of the game as we have a number of other fixes still on the way in the near future, as well as ongoing improvements to game performance and existing features.

    Farthest Frontier v0.7.3

    • Fixed a case where saved games could save in an incorrect directory. This issue manifests in several ways, such as game failing to load, loaded saves displaying issues such as drained water, missing objects, etc. Anyone already affected by this issue can follow instructions below.
    • Fixed a bug where some hand-entered map seeds could cause a game to not start.
    • Work camp workers no longer pool with builders.
    • Fixed a crop field worker count issue that could result in excess or even negative farmer counts.

    Fix for saves in incorrect inventory

    While the patch addresses this issue happening for new saves, saves already affected by it are unfortunately not retroactively fixed. But there is a simply solution!

    For those that really don’t want to fiddle with files, the simplest approach is to wipe this directory (where USERNAME is the account name you are using on your PC): C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\my games\Farthest Frontier\Save

    Alternatively, you can find the impacted save and relocate it to the town save folder that matches it. This will resolve any lingering issues as the saves are not actually corrupted.

    We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Initial Launch

    2022-08-09 N/A
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