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    Farthest Frontier

    Storehouses are your primary holding location for all forms of goods except the raw materials that are contained by Stockyards.

    Unlike Root Cellars, the Storehouse provides a lesser passive benefit against Spoilage and storing food in Storehouses is not recommended when alternatives are available. However, Storehouses can still make use of Barrels to reduce spoilage rates for a maximum improvement of 25% (5 barrels) over default lifespan of stored goods.

    Listed storage capacity is shared across all goods and is not a per-item limit.

    Upgrade Information

    Improving a Storehouse to a Warehouse has the following benefits:

    • Increased storage capacity
    • Improved passive spoilage reduction benefit
    • Improved health, increasing resilience against attack and weather-related damage

    Basic Strategy

    As storehouses are a central location for both drop-off of converted goods created by your industry and a pickup point for goods usable by Villagers, it is beneficial to place this building near enough to both your residential core and your industrial areas to limit travel time for both.

    Do note, Storehouses are both the building where gold will be stored until a vault has been built and the highest concentration of valuable goods in your settlement. This dual function makes storehouses a prime target of raiding parties early on, so creation of defensive structures if attacks are enabled is a wise choice to avoid losing significant settlement wealth to raids.

    NOTE: See City Layouts for examples of how others have solved this problem.

    Gameplay Updates

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