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    Link to official Crate Game guide - Desirability section

    Desirability is a key component of Villager happiness in settlements of any size and is also one of the requirements for Shelters to upgrade to higher tiers of housing, increasing both household tax revenue and Villager requirements.

    While certain amenities, workplaces and decorations can increase desirability and are beneficial to put near housing, other production and service buildings can have a negative impact on desirability and should be kept away from residential areas.

    Note: Disabling buildings (such as the Healer's House) will stop their positive boost to desirability in addition to their upkeep cost, if any.

    Between placement of negatively-impacting buildings and disabling of services, it is possible to reduce desirability below a building's upgrade threshold. If this occurs, Homesteads and above can become Abandoned and residents will move out until desirability improves, potentially causing housing shortages.

    If left long enough, Abandoned buildings eventually become Condemned and are no longer recoverable, requiring The Player to manually salvage the Shelter to reclaim that location.

    Desirability Interface

    Very Positive File:DesirabilityUp02.png File:DesirabilityUp02 Grey.png
    Positive File:DesirabilityUp.png
    Neutral File:DesirabilityNeutral.png
    Negative File:DesirabilityDown.png
    Very Negative File:DesirabilityDown02.png

    Building Impacts (Positive)

    Building impacts on Desirability are limited to a specific radius with diminishing impacts on shelters depending on range.

    Some buildings with positive impacts to desirability only provide impact the first time a house gains access, duplicate buildings will not provide stacking impacts to Shelters.


    Radius is measured from the edges of the structure, on buildings with rectangular shapes, the radius is an oval.

    Building Name Radius % Impact Range Stackable?
    Town Center 11 5-8% N/A
    Basic Well 14 3-5% No
    Market 11 5-9% No
    School 14 10% No
    Bakery 13 3-5% No
    Healer's House 14 5% No
    Pub 13 5-9% No
    Theater 38 8-14% No
    Small Shrub 3 1-2% Yes
    Small Garden 4 1-2% Yes
    Medium Garden 5 3-4% Yes
    Garden Trail 5 2-3% Yes
    Small Plaza N/A No N/A
    Shrine 11 5-9% No
    Medium Plaza 4 2-3% Yes
    Small Park 11 5-9% No *
    Large Park 22 8-14% No *
    Small Statue 10 3-5% No
    Medium Statue 13 4-7% No
    Large Statue 18 6-11% No
    Trees (Decorative) N/A No N/A

    * Parks share the desirability bonus. Adding a Small Park next to a Large Park adds no desirability.


    Building Name Radius % Impact Range Stackable?
    Town Center - Tier 2 11 5-8% N/A
    Town Center - Tier 3 N/A
    Town Center - Tier 4 N/A
    Improved Well 14 4-7% No
    Market Square 13 6-11% No
    Hospital 14 8% No
    Grand Theater 38 10-19% No
    Small Paved Garden 4 3-4% Yes
    Medium Paved Garden 5 4-7% Yes
    Garden Path 5 3-5% Yes
    Small Brick Plaza N/A No N/A
    Altar 11 8-13% No
    Medium Brick Plaza 4 3-5% Yes
    Small Paved Park 11 8-13% No
    Large Paved Park 22 10-18% No

    Building Impacts (Negative)

    NOTE: Visual impact radius during placement may not reflect full range of negative impact upon restarting the game. An additional buffer of 2-4 squares is recommended to avoid unplanned impacts.


    Building Name Radius % Impact Range Stackable?
    Smokehouse 6 8-13%
    Windmill 7 8-13%
    Barn 7 30%
    Firewood Splitter 5 8-12%
    Saw Pit 10 11-18%
    Tannery 12 16-27%
    Compost Yard 11 26-43%
    Work Camp 7 3-4%
    Iron Mine 8 10-17%
    Gold Mine 8 13-22%
    Coal Mine 8 13-22%
    Soap Shop 7 15%
    Charcoal Kiln 10 22-35%
    Foundry 7 11-17%
    Blacksmith Forge 8 11-17%
    Brickyard 5 11-16% No
    Glassmaker 9 30


    Building Name Radius % Impact Range Stackable?
    Large Barn 7 30%
    Firewood Splitter Workshop 5 8-12%
    Saw Mill 10 11-18%
    Smeltery 7 11-17%
    Blacksmith Workshop 8 11-17%

    Additional Notes

    Desirability can be more than 100%.
    • Non-stackable desirability bonus for a particular building type can be improved up to its range limit if a second building of the same type is placed in closer proximity to a shelter.
      • This is not a true 'stacking effect', but a change in which building is being used in the desirability calculation for a Shelter.
    • Desirability can exceed 100% in some cases. This does not meaningfully impact Villager behavior, tax revenue or gameplay. (EDIT: As of 0.8, there is now a benefit to exceeding 100% desirability)
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