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    Farthest Frontier

    The Town Center is the first building placed on a newly created settlement map, and is the structure at which the initial settlers congregate following placement of the building site.

    Completion of the Town Center (and its subsequent upgrades) is a critical part of advancement and unlocking new Buildings and their upgrade options. Requirements for Town Center upgrades are unique from other buildings in that specific population thresholds must be met in order for upgrades to be possible.

    Town Centers cannot be relocated, but can be removed via the Clear tool (Hotkey:C) if a move is needed.

    NOTE: Demolition of the Town Center with the clear tool locks out any buildings/upgrades with Town Center requirements until a new Town Center is placed. The new center starts at Tier 1 and must be re-upgraded from the beginning.


    In addition to providing a Desirability boost to Shelters within range, the Town Center also provides a place for Villagers to congregate in safety during attacks from Raiders and Invading Armies.

    Villagers do not automatically depart when the threat has ended, so prudent leaders should revisit the Town Center to end the garrison command and avoid villager starvation.

    The Town Center also acts as a snap-point for the camera, pressing Hotkey:Z brings the camera back to the building.

    In addition, the Town Center provides a central location for quick access to reports on settlement health, including:

    • General Overview (Town Info)
    • Professions
    • Resources In Storage
    • Villager Happiness

    While most of these reports can be accessed in other ways, this provides a single location for data. Additional reports can be located by clicking on the chart icon at the top left of The Player's screen.

    Upgrade Information

    Upgrading the town center provides the following benefits:

    • Increased damage from garrisoned villagers.
    • Unlocks additional buildings/upgrades tied to town center tier.

    Gameplay Updates

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