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    Farthest Frontier

    Lookout Towers are the first defense structures capable of dealing damage to raiders and hostile wildlife as their sole function. Initially occupied by one to two guards, towers with employed guards can deal ranged damage anywhere in a radius around them, provided the villager employed in this task has both a bow (or crossbow) and an ample supply of arrows.

    Potential damage dealt within the effective area can be seen by clicking on a tower, significant elevation differences will act as a bonus when shooting downhill and a penalty when shooting uphill.

    Additionally, base damage of towers will increase when guards have access to and equip Crossbows.

    Upgrade Information

    Upgrading a Lookout Tower to a Watch Tower confers the following benefits:

    • Increased health, improving resilience against attack and environmental damage
    • Increased base attack damage
    • Increased effective radius of attack

    Basic Strategy

    As towers are a significant recurring expense in settlements at an early stage of development, building sparingly is recommended to conserve gold income, instead relying on excess hunters as additional defensive layer.

    Those towers that are built should be near concentrations of settlement wealth and resources to aid in defense, including:

    Once income is less of a constraining factor, towers should be placed near major defensive emplacements (walls and gate entry points), keeping in mind any potential elevation bonuses that could increase their effectiveness.

    Additionally, Towers can be used creatively near wolf dens as an unorthodox source of Raw Meat and Pelts for hunter harvest.

    Gameplay Updates

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