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    Farthest Frontier
    Trading Post
    Category Amenities & Services
    Tier 2
    Prerequisite Town Center - Tier 2
    Size 4x5






    Upkeep None
    Produced Item Taxes
    Occupancy 1-2 Traders
    Upgrades To Trading Center
    Upgrade Cost


    Desirability Neutral

    The Trading Post is a Tier 2 Amenities & Services Building for player mercantilism.

    Upgrade Information

    A Trading Post may be upgraded to a Trading Center for a one-time cost of 50 Bricks, 500 Gold Ingots, and 80 Planks.

    Basic Strategy

    After construction, travelling Merchants from outside villages will visit the Settlement, usually during late winter/early spring, and the player can trade with the Merchant by clicking on the Trading Post.

    The Trading Post is crucial for Resources otherwise unavailable or rare, and is one of the best ways to accumulate wealth for the player Settlement.

    There are several actions available to the player in the Trading Post:

    • Transfer Resources
    • Transfer Gold
    • Upgrade
    • Keep In Stock
    • Buy/Sell

    In order to complete any Buy/Sell action, you must have Gold stocked in the Trading Post and along with any Resources. The Trader's responsibility is to stock the Trading Post, and the player may choose to keep an item always in stock.

    During a visit from a Merchant, there will be single or a double red arrow pointing down, or a single or double green arrow pointing up. This is an indicator of relative market price at which the Merchant is trading.

    Much higher than market File:DesirabilityUp02.png
    Higher than market File:DesirabilityUp.png
    Market price File:DesirabilityNeutral.png
    Lower than market File:DesirabilityDown.png
    Much lower than market File:DesirabilityDown02.png
    Occasionally, more than one Merchant will visit the player simultaneously where arbitrage is possible.
    Trader is stocking
    Trader is not stocking

    Additionally, there will be an arrow on either side of the button with a Gold Ingot pointing left, right, or both directions:

    • Pointing left: Merchant is selling
    • Pointing right: Merchant is buying
    • Pointing both directions: Merchant is buying and selling

    Trading Post Interface

    Annotated Trading Post UI
    1. Workplace Occupancy controls: use +/- toggles to increase or decrease open slots
    2. List of assigned workers or open workplace slots, text below worker name indicates current ttask
    3. Portrait of Visiting Merchant currently selected for trade.
    4. Trader selection tab. Use Trader 1/Trader 2 tabs to switch if multiple Merchants are visiting
    5. Stockpile of Gold in Trading Post, this is a separate pool from Global Gold. Use the nearby Transfer Gold button to move gold between global and trading post inventories.
    6. Merchant's available gold to purchase your items is listed trader tabs.
    7. Upgrade -- convert your trading post to a trading center if material and building requirements are met. Increases total annual merchant visitors and unlocks additional types of merchants for visiting.
    8. Transfer items - allows transfer of items between global and trading post inventory.
    9. Keep Stocked button next to transfer allows trading post workers to maintain a minimum stock of items in trading post for trade
    10. Count of items in global inventory
    11. Count of items in trading post inventory. X/X indicates a 'keep stocked' order has been set but the minimum has not yet been gathered by your trading post workers
    12. Count of items in Merchant's inventory
    13. Directional arrow indicating that item is being purchased by the merchant
    14. Directional arrow indicating that item is being sold by the merchant
    15. Buy/Sell - Click these buttons to initiate a trade for the corresponding item.

    NOTE: If both arrows annotated as 13 and 14 are present next to your trading post stock of an item, it indicates that the merchant will both buy and sell this item.

    Gameplay Updates


    • There is now a notification and sound when a new traveling merchant arrives at the Trading Post. In addition, so long as there is a traveling merchant present at the Trading Post, a circular warning appears in the top left of the screen.
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