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    Farthest Frontier

    The Forager Shack is a source of early-game food on any map. The work area for this building (initially centered on the building) dictates where the worker will gather resources from and can be relocated by the Player at any time following completion of construction.

    Prior to establishing Crop Fields, forageable items are the quickest method of achieving food variety -- a critical step in raising Villager Happiness.

    Gatherable Resources include:

    Resource nodes can be spotted on any map based on their corresponding icon (hotkey: F4) and can be clicked for more information.

    NOTE: Resource nodes replenish (and expire) seasonally, if a node is greyed out that indidcates it has no resources to gather but will refill at its designated time of year.

    Basic Strategy

    Forager work areas should be placed to allow for a good variety of initial foods in the early game. As Willow is not a consumable and cannot be used until the Basket Shop is available, it is lower priority for your first Forager Shack.

    Of especial interest in early game is to have overlap with Herb and Medicinal Root nodes, as these resources are both used in the prevention and curing of Maladies prior to the availability of the Healer's House and decrease the likelihood of.

    As your village expands, the Player may encounter blueberry bushes near sources of water. It's worth noting that unlike Sumac and Hawthorn shrubs, these bushes can be relocated anywhere on the map like buildings.

    Relocate discovered blueberries into a dedicated space (ideally with other forageables) affords the Player an impromptu berry farm able to be harvested by your Forager workers or idle Laborers. This can be a massive source of yearly food, especially before farming and ranching have been established.

    Gameplay Updates

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