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    Farthest Frontier
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    The Market is a Tier 1 Amenities & Services Building that generates Income in the form of Gold Ingots and provides Desirability for the player Settlement.

    Markets are critical to the availability of food and other materials to Shelters, with the grocer stocking resources in villager Shelters for consumption and reducing the travel time required for villagers to meet resource needs.

    Markets begin with a limited set of resources that will be stocked and employ a maximum of 1 Grocer, upgrading to a Market Square increases hirable maximum to 2 Grocers and expands the categories of luxury resources that marketplaces will stock.


    Markets generate 1 Gold (2 Gold after upgrade) on a monthly basis from the following Buildings within its radius:

    Market income is distinct from monthly income paid by Shelters at tier 2 (homestead) and above, as well as monthly income from consumed Luxury resources and beer consumed at Pubs.

    Upgrade Information

    • Radius of gold collection/desirability impacts increases slightly (~ 2 squares)
    • Desirability bonus generated for shelters by the presence of this building increases slightly
    • Monthly gold generated per building inside radius increases from 1 to 2
    • Maximum occupancy is increased to 2x Grocer
    • Luxury goods are now stocked at the Market Square

    Basic Strategy

    When placing a Market, it has a workable radius (13 squares from center - 11 tiles from outer market edge) as an area of effect. Each Shelter within the working radius increases the monthly Income accordingly, but overlapping work areas from multiple markets will not generate more income for the same Shelter.

    While not strictly necessary for Shelter function and development, Markets should be placed in close proximity to as many Shelters as possible while leaving room for other Desirability generating Buildings, such as a School, Pub, or Bakery.

    Gameplay Updates

    • 0.8 - bugged delivery of food to villager homes was resolved, allowing grocers to serve the community as intended.

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