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    Farthest Frontier
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    Decorative Trees are buildable trees that can be placed in the world that can also act as a secondary source of lumber alongside trees present upon map creation.

    While decorative trees grow to maturity over time and can be harvested for 7-10 lumber at maximum growth like native trees, decorative trees are not guaranteed to regrow after harvest.

    Additionally, decorative trees have a positive impact on retention and refill of groundwater levels, though trees will never generate new sources of groundwater or improve groundwater *above* baseline levels.

    Anecdotal Community Observations

    • There have been observations of spread/regrowth of decorative trees
      • This behavior may be tied to the amount of time decorative trees are allowed to spend at maturity.
    • There have been observed variances of tree growth rates/yields
      • Birch trees were observed as fastest growth/lowest mature yield, Oak were observed as the greatest yield/longest growth cycle.
      • Variance may be attributable to other factors like soil fertility or water levels but has not been tested extensively by the community.
    • There have been observed improvement to wildlife reproduction rates when Decorative Trees were planted around wildlife resource nodes (such as Deer)

    Basic Strategy

    Once the settlement is generating a reasonable amount of monthly gold, it is worth considering whether the current map has sufficient nearby lumber to support a growing settlement.

    While Work Camps can help automate harvests in a sustainable way, drier maps like the Arid Highlands may still require additional plantings at regular intervals.

    If this is the case, planting a few groves specifically for surplus lumber is recommended as early as convenient, as it will take a few years to reach full harvest output.

    Additionally, trees placed around Wells will improve groundwater retention and replenishment, indirectly benefiting the well's ability to provide water access to the community.

    Gameplay Updates

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