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    Farthest Frontier
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    This is my sandbox. I usually create my test pages as a subpage of this.

    Also see: Game thoughtsQuick notes

    This →bar← →bar← is required by the documentation for {{Show}}.

    Wiki things

    Things I've done

    Live wiki:

    Prototype pages awaiting feedback:

    The dimensions of the game/wiki

    Here are the dimensions to the game, as I see them. I think this could be a great way to break down the areas used to document everything about the game in this wiki. I see the list below as a suggested list of the only(?) top-level categories in the wiki? If so, it would make the wiki truly browsable (by category or category tree) via a page that lists only the top level categories and let's the reader run free/drill down from there.

    Category:Root is the category page that lists the top-level category pages, and so makes them browsable as a tree.

    Where I'd like to help

    Here are some things I'd like to help out with on this wiki:

    • Do we want to stick with "title case" page titles or adopt the recommended "sentence case" standard? w:Article title, w:Capitalization, w:Plurals
      • Let's review the Style Guide and confirm what from that we want to continue to observe (and what we might change).
      • When a page is a child of another, creating it is a true (wiki) subpage, i.e. Food/Farming, is unnecessary as you'd need to create a "Farming" redirect anyways, and the target page would always need to call out the parent page regardless, i.e. "Food", and the name of the page although explicitly indicating taxonomy is just too ugly.
    • There's a CSS property for "h3" (in load.php ? ... or maybe in the "cosmos" skin?) that I'd like to delete: margin-block-end: 1em;
    • How about a "Tip!" template that would render a fun little icon (and the word "tip") and maybe even SMW record the tip (and categorize the page) so we could gather all the pages containing a tip up (on the category page) but also list all the tips on a Tips and Tricks page maybe breaking them down by category of the source page, i.e. tips related to trading, tips related to buildings, etc.
    • I tweaked File:Buildings Menu.png but neither Refresh or ⇧ Shift+Ctrl+R would render the updated image (only showing the original, both on that page and the Buildings page).
    • Delete the Main Page or make it a redirect to the Farthest Frontier Community Wiki home/landing page.
    • Should it really be Rat Catcher (Profession) or just Rat Catcher, with Rat Catcher (Building) being the only parenthesized one of the two?
    • Implement shortcuts/aliases for pages, i.e. "hh" for Healer's House? We could "advertise" these at/near the top of a page (or section if that's where the alias points) to further enable our readers?
    • {{Infobox}}es
      • Buildings (in progress, see subpages)
        • First stab at reformatting and consolidating forms supporting different tab counts ← DONE, awaiting approval
        • SMW ← pending
          • List buildings (and building upgrades) by the prerequisites they have (not just the cost) like a Basket Shop needing a Saw Pit (for Wood Planks—although you could buy those) or a Barracks needing a Town Center - Tier 4 to upgrade.
            • The converse of that is a building listing this buildings for which it is a prerequisite.
      • Resources
        • SMW ← IN PROGRESS ← MUST make SMW an OPTION in this template, defaulting to NO so it can be used elsewhere without inadvertently storing the data again
      • Professions
      • It might be nice to install Extension:Arrays so I could sort CSV lists of stuff (while rendering an Infobox, say).
      • Need links in values enabled so I can store links in SMW data.
    • Wanted pages
    • When a page/category is discussed (in its talk page) with regards to deletion/consolidation, a template could be inserted at the top of the article page resulting in a message box that informs the reader of that and the date on which the deletion/consolidation will occur. This could be an SMW date that would allow a list of such categorized pages to be listed in ascending date order to help prioritize the moderators' work. In reality (a) nobody would discuss anything in this way (b) if they did there'd be so few pages affected that we could simply review the category once a month and just take care of them (no prioritization needed). See {{Delete}}, {{Consolidate}}, {{Incomplete}}, etc.
    • Rename Category:Crop to Category:Crops.
    • Did running https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:CleanupEmptyCategories.php remove, say, Category:Africa completely?


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