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    Farthest Frontier
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    NOTE: This article deals with profession assignment specifically. For details on work and workplace mechanics, please review Labor

    A Profession is a specialist job held by any Villager.

    All professions have a Building to serve as their place of work, with three critical exceptions:

    • Displayed as children or adolescents in the 'population details' tooltip.
    • Children do not become available for work assignments until reaching adolescence.
    • Children join the workforce immediately upon reaching adolescence until a school is built, after which they remain unavailable to work until completing their education.
    • Graduation from the School can happen before adolescence is reached in most cases.
    • Children that attend a school receive Basic Education, increasing their workplace productivity upon joining the workforce and allowing them to work as a Healer, Apothecary, or Teacher.
    • A group of villagers tasked with construction of new buildings and hauling goods to construction sites.
    • This is not a continuously occupied profession, villagers are pulled from the Laborer pool until reaching the assigned limit.
    • If there are no available build sites, villagers return to the laborer profession after a short time.
    • Settlements start with a default limit of four builders, but this limit can be increased or decreased as needed from the Profession menu.
    • 100 is the upper maximum of the Builder limit able to be set by the player.
    • All citizens of working age not assigned a specific job are automatically added to the pool of laborers by default.
    • Laborers harvest wood, stone and manually marked forageables, as well as clear build sites for construction.
    • It is recommended to keep a minimum quantity of 10-12 unassigned laborers in your settlement to ensure the speedy flow of goods and a ready workforce for harvesting lumber and stone. This minimum increases as your settlement expands.

    Upon completion of a new workplace Building, villagers from the laborer pool are automatically assigned to an unoccupied workplace slot and thus a specialized profession.

    If there are no laborers available to allocate, the occupation slot in the workplace Building will instead have a '+' sign that opens a new interface when clicked, allowing the player to re-assign a villager to this role from another specialized profession.

    In addition, some workplaces may have adjustable Occupancy, allowing the player to increase or decrease available workspace slots as needs demand.

    A final note, specialized professions do not backfill over time upon the death of an assigned villager. In this case, it is necessary to go to the Profession Management menu (hotkey: P) to assign additional villagers from the laborer pool.

    Profession Management Interface

    Annotated example image for the Profession Management menu (Hotkey: P)
    1. Count of available Laborers not assigned to a specialized profession
    2. Count of assigned Builders vs available Builder slots
    3. Interface for increasing or decreasing maximum allowed builders
    4. (Magnifying glass) Click to go to one of the villagers assigned to the corresponding profession


    Icon Profession Building Produces Notes
    Apothecary Apothecary Shop Medicine Produces medicine to aid in Villager recovery.

    NOTE: Requires basic education to assign.

    Arborist Arborist Building Fruit
    Fruit Trees
    Plants designated fruit trees and harvests fruit when available.

    Non-arborist Villagers also harvest fruit for personal use.

    Armorer Armory Shields
    Creates armor for use by Military professions.
    Baker Bakery Bread Bakes bread at an alarmingly quick rate.
    Basket Maker Basket Shop Baskets Creates baskets, increasing carry capacity for all villagers.
    Blacksmith Blacksmith Forge Tools
    Heavy Tools
    Creates weapons for use by hunters and Military professions.
    Boatmaker <information unknown>
    Brewer Brewery Beer Brews beer for use in Pubs.
    Brickmaker Brickyard Bricks Creates bricks for use in buildings and upgrades.
    Builder Construction Sites Work (towards building construction) Only the maximum number of potential builders is set through the profession screen.

    Laborers are temporarily drafted into this role while building projects are available and are released back to the labor pool when there are no more tasks to do.

    Chandler Candle Shop Candles Creates Candles from Wax for Villager consumption.
    Charcoal Maker Charcoal Kiln Charcoal Creates Coal for use in primarily Foundries, Brickyards and other tier 3 buildings which take it as an ingredient.
    Cheesemaker Cheesemaker Cheese Converts Milk into Cheese for a significant increase in spoilage lifespan.
    Child Children do not perform work, but may pursue education if a School is available. (This is not an actual profession.)
    Cobbler Cobbler Shop Shoes Produces Shoes from pelts, both satisfying villager needs and preventing illnesses.
    Cooper Cooper (Building) Barrels Produces barrels, each barrel can reduce Spoilage in certain Storage buildings by extending resource lifespan by 5% per barrel.
    Farmer Crop Field, Apiary (does not create workplace slot) Crops (generally) Works fields and apiaries, harvesting and planting crops, performing field maintenance, and collecting goods from apiaries.
    Fisherman Fishing Shack Fish Pulls fish from bodies of water for consumption or smoking.
    Fletcher Fletcher Building Bow
    Creates ammunition and ranged weaponry for your Hunters and Military professions.
    Forager Forager Shack Various forageables Foragers collect raw resources on the map, such as Willow and Blueberries
    Foundryman Foundry Gold Ingots
    Iron Ingots
    Converts Ores into Ingots usable in other production.
    Furniture Maker Furniture Workshop Furniture Creates furniture which serves as a luxury Villager good and enables Shelter upgrades.
    Glassmaker (Profession) Glassmaker (Building) Glassware Creates glassware which serves as a luxury Villager good, enabling Shelter upgrades. Glassware is also used to create preserves.
    Grocer Market Gold Stocks marketplaces with goods for distribution, stocks in-range Shelters with goods.

    NOTE: As of 0.8.0 patch, this profession now works as intended.

    Guard Lookout Tower Damage via ranged weaponry Utilizes bows/crossbows and arrows towers to aid in Town defense.
    Healer Healer's House The healer provides healing services to Villagers.

    NOTE: Requires basic education to assign.

    Herder Barn Pelts
    Manages cow herds and performs milking and culling tasks.
    Hunter Hunter Cabin Pelts
    Hunts and traps wildlife for Meat, pelts and tallow.

    Also serves as unofficial defense against attacking Raiders at no gold cost.

    Laborer None Harvests Stone and Logs when commanded, also hauls materials between buildings. General labor for the player Settlement.

    All unassigned villagers that can work join this profession automatically.
    Miller Windmill Flour Converts grain into flour for baking bread.
    Miner Clay Pit
    Coal Mine
    Gold Mine
    Iron Mine
    Sand Pit
    Gold Ore
    Iron Ore
    Extracts raw resources from the respective map nodes.
    Nightsoil Collector Compost Yard Fertilizer Converts waste from Shelters into composted fertilizer that can be used to fertilize Crop Fields.
    Potter Potter Building Pottery Produces pottery, a resource that supplies a villager need and enables a level of upgrades for Shelters.
    Preservist Preservist Building Preserves
    Preserved Vegetables
    Converts fruit, berries, and root vegetables into longer-lasting preserves.
    Publican Pub Gold Works the Pub, producing happiness and selling Beer to villagers.
    Rat Catcher (Profession) Rat Catcher (Building) Controls and eliminates rodent populations, preventing grain/flour destruction and rodent-based Maladies.
    Sawyer Saw Pit Planks Converts Logs into Planks, a resource used for construction of several tier 2 and above buildings.
    Smoker Smokehouse Smoked Meat
    Smoked Fish
    Converts raw meat and fish into their smoked equivalent, greatly increasing lifespan of the respective foodstuffs.
    Soap Maker Soap Shop Soap Produces Soap, a basic Villager amenity that also reduces spread/likelihood of several communicable disease Maladies.
    Soldier Barracks Damage via Ranged or Melee weaponry Defends your village against attacks from Raiders and Invading Armies. Uses any categories of Armor, ranged and melee weaponry.
    Tanner Tannery Hide Coats Produces hide coats, used for prevention of animal-related maladies during hunting and wildlife attacks.
    Teacher School Villagers with basic education NOTE: Requires basic education to assign.
    Trader Trading Post Gold Hauls goods to and from the Trading Post for sale or storage.
    Wainwright Wagon Shop Wagons Creates and drives wagons for resource pickup at remote sites.
    Weaver Weaver Building Linen Clothes Produces linen clothes for your villagers, helping prevent disease and providing resistance against cold weather.
    Firewood Splitter Firewood Splitter (Building) Firewood Produces Firewood for Logs, essential for keeping your villagers warm during winter.
    Work Camp Work Camp Stone and Logs Replaces manual marking of Trees and Stone for harvest, workers will harvest resources available within the work area.

    Can be set to only harvest mature trees for sustained output.

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