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    Farthest Frontier


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    Combat and defense are an integral part of the game, and can be both fun and challenging.

    The journey into the frontier was dangerous in itself. Many had died along the way. The reward for this brutal expedition was further hardship, but nevertheless your people thrived against the ravages of nature.

    A prosperous new town was erected in the farthest reaches of the wilderness. Before long, others have made notice of your achievements. Wealthy merchants have arrived bearing goods and seeking to trade. Immigrants made the journey as well, seeking opportunities in the frontier.

    But not all have come bearing good intentions. Raiders, bloodthirsty bandits and thieves, see the growing town as an opportunity to profit, and they will take what your people have harvested and produced, by force if needed. Stand guard, and ready your defenses!

    Combat is an optional mechanic in Farthest Frontier and can be toggled off during World Generation, if you wish to play peacefully.


    There are multiple Resources, kinds of Buildings, and designs of Terrain that can serve as defense against attacking forces (be those animals or people). These include Armor & Shields, the Town Center, Hunter Cabins, Lookout Towers & Barracks, and walls and fences.


    Attackers come in the form of animals and people. You might want to begin with defending your Settlement against them, but even if you do you're going to need to fight them at some point. Although a bear that wanders out of the woods might eventually get bored and wander back, raiders are relentless and will keep beating down your fences, walls or gates until they fail.

    Combat can be conducted in the form of a ranged attack (using Bows or Crossbows) or a melee attack (using Crude Weapons, Weapons or Heavy Weapons. Untrained villagers can't use a bow or crossbow, and can only use a crude weapon.

    All of the weapon types can be purchased from Traveling Merchants, and all of them except for the crude weapon can be produced within the settlement.

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