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    Farthest Frontier
    The Settlement Items dialog


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    The Settlement Items dialog displays all of the Resources that the game supports with the aim of showing which of those your Settlement currently possesses (well, almost, see note below). The dialog is broken down into the four classes of resource, and any resources you don't currently possess are lowlighted.

    The dialog can be summoned thru a couple different mechanisms:

    • Simply press R on your keyboard.
    • Click on the Age Brackets section of the HUD and then switch from the Professions tab by clicking on the Resources In Storage tab.

    This dialog is updated in real time, so keeping it open will allow you to see the change (and rate of change or resource trends, to a degree) in the amount you have of each of the resources.
    This dialog does not show any resources stored in your Trading Post. The most notable of these is Gold (as you can only stock a maximum of 500 of any other resource in the trading post). Don't forget that you might have a resource, especially gold, absent from this dialog because you've got it tucked away in your trading post!

    Display options

    There are four checkboxes included in this dialog, which only affect how the dialog looks not how it operates.

    Show Categories
    Toggles the visual grouping of the resources by the four classes. Disabling this option displays all the resources in just a simple grid.
    Inline Categories
    Toggles between displaying the categories as headings versus icons (that are twice as wide as the resource icons) that are displayed within the grid of resource icons.
    Show Empty Items
    Toggles whether resources you don't currently possess are even shown at all.
    Empty Items Last
    Toggles the display of absent resources being shown at the right-hand end of a resource group, or being shown in their default location in the group.
    Some players may find it easier to leverage this dialog with the Empty Items Last option disabled. Doing so results in a resource's position in the dialog always remaining the same, and the player can develop a degree of "muscle memory" when scanning this dialog for a given resource.

    Production Limits

    Although Production Limits aren't shown in this dialog (although their effect is, with a small "pause" button shown on those resources whose production has been automatically paused) they can be managed via this dialog. Clicking on those resources (to which a production limit can be applied) results in the production limit dialog being shown with the current limit(s) shown (if any are set for that resource).

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