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    Farthest Frontier

    This module produces a hatnote for disambiguating a page that is linked to by a given redirect. It implements the {{redirect}} hatnote template.

    Usage from wikitext

    This module cannot be used directly from wikitext. Please use the {{redirect}} or {{redirect2}} templates instead.

    Usage from Lua

    To use this module from Lua, first load the module.

    local mRedirectHatnote = require('Module:Redirect hatnote')

    The module can then be used with the following syntax:

    mRedirectHatnote._redirect(redirect, data, options, titleObj)

    See also

    -- This module produces a "redirect" hatnote. It looks like this:
    -- '"X" redirects here. For other uses, see Y.'
    -- It implements the {{redirect}} template.
    local mHatnote = require('Module:Hatnote')
    local mHatList = require('Module:Hatnote list')
    local mArguments --lazily initialize
    local libraryUtil = require('libraryUtil')
    local checkType = libraryUtil.checkType
    local checkTypeMulti = libraryUtil.checkTypeMulti
    local p = {}
    local function getTitle(...)
    	local success, titleObj = pcall(mw.title.new, ...)
    	if success then
    		return titleObj
    		return nil
    function p.redirect(frame)
    	mArguments = require('Module:Arguments')
    	local args = mArguments.getArgs(frame, {parentOnly=true})
    	--Get number of redirects
    	local numRedirects = tonumber(frame.args[1]) or 1
    	-- Create the options table.
    	local options = {}
    	options.selfref = args.selfref
    	return p._redirect(args, numRedirects, options)
    function p._redirect(args, numRedirects, options, currentTitle, redirectTitle, targetTitle)
    	-- Validate the input. Don't bother checking currentTitle, redirectTitle or
    	-- targetTitle, as they are only used in testing.
    	checkType('_redirect', 1, args, 'table')
    	checkType('_redirect', 2, numRedirects, 'number', true)
    	numRedirects = numRedirects or 1
    	checkType('_redirect', 3, options, 'table', true)
    	options = options or {}
    	currentTitle = currentTitle or mw.title.getCurrentTitle()
    	-- Get the table of redirects
    	local redirect = {}
    	for i = 1, numRedirects do
    		-- Return an error if a redirect parameter is missing.
    		if not args[i] then
    			return mHatnote.makeWikitextError(
    				'missing redirect parameter',
    		redirect[i] = args[i]
    	-- Generate the text.
    	local formattedRedirect = {}
    	for k,v in pairs(redirect) do
    		formattedRedirect[k] = p._quote(v)
    	local text = {
    		mHatList.andList(formattedRedirect) .. ' ' .. (#redirect == 1 and 'redirects' or 'redirect') .. ' here.',
    		mHatList._forSee(args, #redirect + 1, {title = redirect[1], extratext = args.text})
    	text = table.concat(text, ' ')
    	-- Functionality for adding categories	
    	local categoryTable = {}
    	local function addCategory(cat)
    		if cat and cat ~= '' then
    			-- Add by index to avoid duplicates
    			categoryTable[string.format('[[Category:%s]]', cat)] = true
    	--Generate tracking categories
    	local mhOptions = {}
    	local redirTitle
    	for k,v in pairs(redirect) do
    		-- We don't need a tracking category if the template invocation has been
    		-- copied directly from the docs, or if we aren't in main- or category-space.
    		if not v:find('^REDIRECT%d*$') and v ~= 'TERM' -- 
    			and currentTitle.namespace == 0 or currentTitle.namespace == 14
    			redirTitle = redirectTitle or getTitle(v)
    			if not redirTitle or not redirTitle.exists then
    				addCategory('Missing redirects')
    			elseif not redirTitle.isRedirect then
    				if string.find(redirTitle:getContent(), '#invoke:RfD') then
    					addCategory('Articles with redirect hatnotes impacted by RfD')
    					addCategory('Articles with redirect hatnotes needing review')
    				local target = targetTitle or redirTitle.redirectTarget
    				if target and target ~= currentTitle then
    					addCategory('Articles with redirect hatnotes needing review')
    		-- Generate the options to pass to [[Module:Hatnote]].
    		if currentTitle.namespace == 0 and not mhOptions.selfref
    			and redirTitle and redirTitle.namespace ~= 0
    			-- We are on a mainspace page, and the hatnote starts with something
    			-- like "Wikipedia:Foo redirects here", so automatically label it as
    			-- a self-reference.
    			mhOptions.selfref = true
    			mhOptions.selfref = options.selfref
    	--concatenate all the categories
    	local category = ''
    	for k,v in pairs(categoryTable) do
    		category = category .. k
    	return mHatnote._hatnote(text, mhOptions) .. category
    function p._quote(title)
    	local quotationMarks = {["'"]=true, ['"']=true, ['“']=true, ["‘"]=true, ['”']=true, ["’"]=true}
    	local style = ""
    	-- If string starts with anything in quotationMarks, kern to same degree {{-'}} does
    	if quotationMarks[string.sub(title, 1, 1)] then
    		style = "padding-left:0.15em;"
    	-- Likewise if it ends with any of them
    	if quotationMarks[string.sub(title, -1, -1)] then
    		style = style .. "padding-right:0.15em;"
    	return style ~= "" and '"<span style="' .. style .. '">' .. title .. '</span>"' or '"' .. title .. '"'
    return p
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