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    Farthest Frontier
    (Redirected from Default + Hidden Controls)

    Farthest Frontier has several key commands to allow quick access to in-game menus and frequently-used actions, not all of which are listed in the in-game controls menu. Below is a list of all documented controls in the game as of version 0.8.1

    Note: Default Controls can only be reassigned once a map has been loaded, these settings are unavailable on the title screen menu.

    Known Key Commands:

    (+ indicates combinations of keys unless called out as Plus (+))
    Key Use Notes
    W Move Camera Forward
    S Move Camera Backward
    A Move Camera Left
    D Move Camera Right
    Equals (=) Zoom Camera In Alt: Mousewheel Scroll Up
    Minus (-) Zoom Camera Out Alt: Mousewheel Scroll Down
    Rotate Camera Left Q
    Rotate Camera Right E (introduced in 0.8.2, will overlap with toggle explore mode on players from earlier versions)
    Left Ctrl + Alt + 1 Save Camera Position 1 Useful for saving frequently-visited locations
    Left Ctrl + 1 Go to Camera Position 1
    Left Ctrl + Alt + 2 Save Camera Position 2
    Left Ctrl + 2 Go to Camera Position 2
    Left Ctrl + Alt + 3 Save Camera Position 3
    Left Ctrl + 3 Go to Camera Position 3
    Z Center Camera on Village
    Space Pause Game Pauses game time, but map can still be interacted with unlike pause menu
    B Toggle Building Menu
    P Toggle Profession Menu
    R Toggle Resources Menu
    Left Ctrl + F3 Toggle Analytics Window (removed from game) Text-focused debug menu for resource availability/generation/etc
    Tab Rotate Building (only available during Building placement or relocation)
    (Not Bound) Rotate Building (opposite) (removed from game)
    Delete Delete building (only available with Building selected, does not affect build sites)
    1 Set Speed 0 In-game display shows this as half-speed, not paused
    2 Set Speed 1
    3 Set Speed 2
    4 Set Speed 3
    G Toggle Desirability Toggles a desirability heatmap to view impacts to desirability
    F Toggle Fertility Toggles a fertility heatmap to assist with identifying candidate sites for crop fields
    I Toggle Water Toggles a water table heatmap to identify water bonuses for wells/local drought resistance
    H Toggle Harvest Toggles Harvest Mode, allowing single click or click + drag to mark trees/rocks/plant resources for harvest by laborers
    Shift + LeftClick
    Shift + LeftClick + Drag
    Deselect Harvest Targets (undocumented) While harvest mode is enabled, deselect an individual item or swath of items for harvest
    Shift (during road placment) Force 45/90-degree placement


    While placing roads, press Shift to lock road placement into valid straight lines at either 45 or 90-degree increments.
    C Toggle Clear Toggle Clear mode, allowing full removal of Trees, Stones, Bushes, Berries, Walls, Roads, and Buildings without collecting any resources
    X Toggle Walls Mode Bulk management of placed segments/build sites for walls and fences
    N Toggle Road Mode Auto-selects Dirt Road for placement
    T Toggle Flatten Mode Used to smooth terrain for building/road placement in challenging environments
    V Toggle Explore Flag Toggle mode allowing rapid placement of multiple exploration flags

    (default remapped from E as of 0.8.2 with introduction of camera rotation hotkeys)

    F2 Toggle Building Widgets Intended behavior: Show/hide building names and alert icons (no food/firewood/etc.)

    Most functionality currently disabled in-game, developers intend to restore it after bugfixes

    F3 Toggle Unit Widgets Displays Profession Icon/Nameplate/Current Task for villagers, as well as nameplates for other actors (wildlife, hostile bandits, etc.) in the world
    F4 Toggle Resource Widgets Toggles Resource Node icons between Hidden / Icon Only / Icon + Quantity (or effect)
    RightBracket ( ] ) Toggle UI Toggles UI visibility, helpful for capturing screenshots
    Left Ctrl + F2 Toggle FPS Toggle FPS display in bottom left, just above game speed controls
    Click + Drag Scroll in Trading Post menu (alternate, undocumented) Scroll within extended inventory list at tradepost without use of Mouse scroll wheel, click can be anywhere inside trading pane
    Esc (Contextual) Back out of menus/info panes or access in-game 'Main Menu' pause screen while on a map
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