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    Farthest Frontier
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    There are six Merchant classes in Farthest Frontier that will visit the player Settlement's Trading Post.

    One or more traders arrive at the settlement each Spring and will have a rotating set of goods that they will buy and sell.

    NOTE: Trader arrivals will frequently overlap so there is a chance of goods being sold at a lower price at one trader which can be immediately sold to the other at a profit.

    Merchant Classes


    Atka of the Iron Clan

    Atka is a welcome sight for those leaders looking to advance their towns into heavy industries, this trader regularly has heavy tools available for sale when they arrive.
    • Commonly buys:
      • Clothing, villager goods (baskets, soap, candles, pottery, beer), Ores
    • Commonly sells:
      • Heavy Tools, Weaponry, Armor, Iron Ingots, Coal, Smoked Fish


    Scorv the Butcher

    Scorv will help both early and late-game settlements fill their Root Cellars and buys raw materials along with gear helpful for hunters.
    • Commonly buys:
      • Linen Clothes, Stone, Honey, Herbs, Beer, Iron Ingots, Tools, miscellaneous categories of weaponry
    • Commonly sells:
      • Smoked Meat, Meat, Hide Coats, Clay, Logs, Tallow, Pelts, miscellaneous categories of weaponry


    Beldar the Peddler

    Beldar sells several types of consumer goods alongside crucial materials for settlements reaching Tier 2/Tier 3 buildings.

    They are the only merchant known to sell Beer.

    • Commonly buys:
      • Raw materials, Villager Goods,
    • Commonly sells:
      • Villager Goods, Beer, Clay, Bricks Wheat, Flour, crop produce


    Ander Plainsrider

    Ander is a prolific rancher with plenty of animal products for sale, this is the sole merchant who sells cows.
    • Commonly buys:
      • Beer, Raw materials, Villager Goods
    • Commonly sells:
      • Cows, Cow-related products (e.g Smoked Meat, Hide Coats, Cheese), Raw Materials


    Massuke the Silvertongue

    Massuke buys and sells advanced luxury goods, and is the only trader who sells Spices.
    • Commonly buys:
      • Glassware, Miscellaneous categories of Weaponry, Villager Goods, Iron Ingots, Heavy Tools
    • Commonly sells:
      • Spices, Miscellaneous Luxury Goods, Clothing, Tools, Raw/processed materials

    NOTE: Requires upgraded Trading Post to start arriving


    Lethros of Kardel

    Lethros carries similar wares to Atka and is another source of Heavy Tools.

    Unlike Atka however, they also buy advanced Villager and Luxury goods.

    This is the only trader known to sell Barrels.

    • Commonly buys:
      • Clothing, advanced Villager and Luxury goods, Cheese
    • Commonly sells:
      • Heavy Tools, Tools, Miscellaneous categories of Weaponry, Armor, Barrels

    NOTE: Requires upgraded Trading Post to start arriving

    Gameplay Updates

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